Glutathione Injections or Skin Whitening Injections are widely used for whitening and lightening the skin on the person’s body. These injections are to be used with vitamin C injections, as it does not change the skin tone alone. Skin whitening injections have very few side effects when done under safe and professional supervision and in the correct dosage. If the procedure is carried out with unhygienic equipment, it can cause infections and lead to various diseases.

Skin lightening

Skin lightening has a controversial background; the ideas for light skin are looked upon as beauty in some cultures. Skin whitening injections are administrated via IV into the body, so that they can spread evenly. The Glutathione will replace the damaged cells, which cause the skin to darken and lighten your skin naturally, safely and in a healthy manner.

Skin whitening injections

Skin whitening injections, will be harmful for you if taken in excess. Among it is vitamin C, if injected in an excessive dose, it will settle in your body it will damage your body. The reason for this is because the dose used in the skin whitening injection is 5 ml, which is very high. Even though our human body requires around 40 mg of vitamin C daily. Too many chemicals in the skin can cause irritation and lead to melanin damage. Did you know, melanin provides protection to your skin from harmful sun exposure!

If you want to get skin whitening injections to get a brighter skin, make sure you go to a good dermatologist and make sure that the injection is handled by care. Before you go for your injections, you should check your health history. If you have any risky diseases: kidney, liver and other chronic diseases, it is better to avoid skin whitening injections. High dosage of vitamin C can worsen the disease. Mild nausea or an upset stomach can happen but the chances are vey less.

You will also have to make sure that you get a skin test done from beforehand. The result of the skin test will tell you if your body is fit with all the elements used in the skin whitening injections.

Glutathione injections

Glutathione injections are considered the safest and most effective skin whitening product that you can use. The practice to use skin whitening injections has become so trendy in this and age and it has been incorporated in some cultures India, Asia and Africa.  For maintenance, every 3 months skin whitening injections need to be used.

Before thinking about getting skin whitening injections, you should do your research and take your time to make the decision.