Jaw Surgery in Islamabad

Jaw Surgery in Islamabad involves the surgical manipulation of the elements of the facial skeleton to repair the proper anatomic and functional connection in patients with dento-facial skeletal anomalies. This type of surgery is performed to correct the malocclusion and move one or both jaws to a new position, which enhance the proper bite between and possible to create the proper occlusion using orthodontic treatment. If you moved the jaw up or down, the facial tissue, such as chin, lips, cheeks and nose tip, of the face and the face height also changes in this surgery. The orthogenetic operation, patient should be over 18 years. After the surgery your jaw position is incorrect and the patient faces difficulty in chewing food, you feel distressed related to your face, it advisable to get in touch with the maxillofacial surgeon.

Exceptional Candidate for Jaw Surgery in Islamabad

The patient of jaw surgery is magnificent for crossbite, deep Bite, and open bite. These patient faces difficulty in chewing, and when the patient try to speak it faces difficulty in moving his jaws. The orthogenetic is a natural disability in teeth and biting problems and chronic jaw pain and headache problems. The patient is unstable facial appearance from the front or sides. These patients have irregular teeth including misalignment of jaws tooth oral and maxillofacial surgeon corrects the jaw. Open bite patient is exceptional for this treatment; the open bite is space between the upper and lower teeth when the jawbone is congested. This treatment is not recommended for patients under age 16.

Jaw Surgery in Islamabad

Procedure of Jaw Surgery

In this method, your doctor examines your open your jaw fully and also consider your new health earlier than you admit. This surgery is performed under the general anesthesia with you mean patient needs to go to sleep during this procedure surgeon also give fluids and medication to the patient during the proceedings, it controls all the infection and dehydration. The medicine also controls the pain and swallowing after surgery.

Health Benefits of Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery in PakistanCorrective jaw surgery is a life-changing procedure in your life, your teeth and jaw are restored to a new and balanced position. They go to their proper and functional place. When they reach the correct place, your health is good because you bite correctly and your chewing and biting problems are solved in this procedure. This process is perfect for Relief of sleeping problems because this patient is inhalation problems are improved. The main issue is your speech when the treatment is complete after the treatment it improves your speech. It also can improve misalignment of teeth and jaws position and your bite.

Risks of Jaw Surgery

The significant risks jaw surgery is bleeding, poor blood supply and infection. After the surgery sensation and numbness of lower lip or chin with lower jaw surgery. If an infection develops after surgery or swallowing it is usually very easily treated with medication. After the procedure, you feel the Mobilizing tooth, and breathing problems and speech problems you do not speak properly, speak will improve with practice, you will try to speak more it will get normal after some days.

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