Ear Surgery in Islamabad (Otoplasty)

Ear surgery in Islamabad is a highly specialized operation to reshape and adjust the ear, it is known as otoplasty in science language. If you have misplaced ear or too big ear inclined to the outer portion looks incredibly awkward and sometimes a huge obstacle to the self-esteem or confidence of a person. Many of you have hated what your ears look like; people try to hide them with long hairs or by always wearing hats and caps. There is a cure for everything, so is for deformed or enlarged ears, adults and kids can undergo comfortable and safe surgery to make ears look what they like them to be. Otoplasty is a common technique that is used everywhere for deformed ears, it is a hot niche in Pakistan, and we are one of the pioneers of performing it in this country.

Why Ear Surgery in Islamabad?

Ear Surgery in Islamabad

There are multiple reasons to go for the cosmetic ear surgery, self-confidence and escaping jokes about your ear shape or size is among them. Many people have oversized ears that look too bad and fade away your facial beauty. What if they become just perfect to your face, it’s a good feeling. The cosmetic surgery boosts self-confidence, start loving ears instead of disgusting them. After ear surgery, go for any suit or tie up your hair and it won’t look horrible again. For a child with deformed ears, it is a most wonderful feeling to getting rid of being bullied by friends and family finally.

Procedure of Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is a scientific term for ear surgery. During the surgery, the cartilage of the ear is reshaped by holding it back and clinging it there for some time. It is also known as pinnaplasty; the deformed ears are entirely held back after the particular period in symmetry with the head and face. It is a one-time process, and there’s no need to do it next time.
Otoplasty includes the shape and size reshape of ears in proportion to the face of the patient. It also includes the earlobe reduction or to reduce the excess skin or to completely cut it if needed in a specialized cauliflower ear surgery. Local anesthesia is used in the process and patient is aware of what is going on. The duration of otoplasty is two hours at max.

Surgery for Kids

Otoplasty in IslamabadIt is a completely safe surgical procedure and recommended to be performed on children of any age. Our clinic has certified cosmetic surgeons who will consult with parents before the whole procedure; it’s possible outcomes and everything needed to the parents before undergoing surgery. Otoplasty will make your child attractive, and he/she will avoid being bullied again in school or with friends in future. For underage kids, general anesthesia is used during the operation.

Operation Procedure

The process isn’t complicated at all; an incision is made behind ears, the excess cartilage is cut out with the skin. Then the cartilage is cut for symmetry and is held back to its position, and is sewed. Stitches remain until the full recovery of patient’s ear, and the ear is fixed to the desirable place. The surgeon may place a bandage on the head to help shape ears and to support them, don’t wash hair at least for three weeks after the surgery, visit on the prescribed time to remove stitches and bandages, the doctor may call you a week after the operation.

After-Surgery Complications

Otoplasty in IslamabadIt is a rare chance these minor complications may occurs. Still it ‘s nice to know all of them before undergoing any operation. The major complications include bleeding or swelling of the ear operated. Bruises may occur for few days after the surgery; there may be a pain after surgery. Apart from the minor complications, there’s no danger in it.

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