Laser Hair Removal

Everybody wants a clear, smooth and hair-free skin. Do you want to get rid of unwanted hair excluding the fatigue of a lifetime of shaving and waxing? Are you tired of buying razors or waxes and looking for a less painful and faster method of getting rid of those unwanted hair? Don’t worry, the unwanted hair doesn’t need to stay anymore. Dr. A.K.’s Cosmetic Surgery center is offering you advanced laser technology to get a hair-free skin permanently!

What is Laser Hair Removal?

It is a hair removing treatment that uses an intense beam of light to destroy hair follicles. Laser beam passes through the skin destroying each individual hair follicle so that the hair can never grow back again. The treatment isn’t limited to face, arms or legs but the laser beam can be safely used at any part of the body where the unwanted hair need to be removed. The laser light targets only dark, coarse hair leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. It is a fast process where each pulse of laser can target a number of hair at a time.

How Laser Hair Removal Treatment Works?

Why Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

It is a fact that there are so many options available to get rid of unwanted hair. And when you decide to pick a solution for a problem you always consider all available solutions and choose the best among them. So, the question arises that why to choose Laser Hair Removal treatment specifically.

Shaving hair is a quick way, so is using hair removing creams. But the problem is that hair grows back very quickly and the tips can be felt even the very other day you shaved your hair off. For even better and thorough removal of hair, you may go for waxing or sugaring, which remove the hair from root and give more long-term effects but ultimately, there you are, with your hair back after some weeks. Moreover, waxing is a painful process with the hell of itching when the hair grows back. Nowadays, hair removing machines are available which work similar to waxing hair and of course, with similar effects. There are even more effective and long lasting solutions available, such as electrolysis, in which a fine needle is inserted into each hair follicle to pass electric current through it destroying the follicle itself. The procedure is painful as well as time consuming.

So, we are left with options like laser hair removal, which in regard of pain and time consumption, lies somewhere between the discussed solutions, from shaving(pain-free and quick) to waxing(hell of pain and time consuming). Yes it is true that a single session of laser hair removal isn’t enough to get a permanent hair loss but it reduces the hair growth to a great extent and you can simply throw off your razors and creams after some sessions.

Areas that can be Treated by Laser Hair Removal

Results of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Results of laser hair removal are immediate and long lasting. Hair growth is reduced to a great extent after first session and you can see noticeably clearer and smoother skin. Number of sessions involved in a complete course of treatment varies from person to person. Usually five sessions are required for a person with normal hair-growth cycle. Number of sessions also depend upon the type of hair a person possesses as well as the area that is to be treated. In general, number of sessions ranges from minimum of three to a maximum of eight sessions.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal treatment carries following benefits:

  • Reduced hair growth after one session
  • Permanent hair loss after multiple sessions
  • Only unwanted hair are affected, skin is not affected
  • Smoother, cleaner and clear skin
  • Best alternative to other painful hair removing procedures
  • Time saving as you don’t need to keep repeating it
  • No side effects like bumps, rashes, blemishes, cuts, etc.
  • Virtually pain-free as compared to other treatments

Down Sides of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are no such side effects of the treatment itself. It doesn’t cause bumps, rashes, scars or cuts etc. But there are other cons comparatively related to the treatment, such as:

  • Although it is effective in reducing hair growth but several sessions are needed in order to get permanent hair loss.
  • The treatment is comparatively expensive but if you compare the overall cost with that spent on razors or waxes, it is worth considering.
  • The results are better on fairer skin types as compared to darker skin tone as the laser confuses pigment with hair. But it doesn’t mean that hair removal is not possible on darker skin, there are certain lasers available that are good at distinguishing between hair and skin regardless of skin type.
  • The process should only be carried out by trained dermatologists, risks occur when the procedure is done by untrained technician. Make sure you go to a licensed doctor to get the treatment.

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