Chin Liposuction in Islamabad

We are one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Pakistan; we have qualified surgeons curing complicated infections and skin conditions. Chin Lipo surgery is also known as the submental or submentum liposuction. One of our best treatment plans is Chin Lipo Surgery in Pakistan. It is ideal for those with excess fat on jawline and chin area. The surgery is done in the clinic with only an hour to take for the surgery to take; the recovery process is quick and straightforward. It only takes a day or two to get back to work. There are no significant side effects associated with the Chin Lipo surgery, the standards followed are strictly of international level. Our surgeons are qualified and highly experienced and capable of handling any complication or mishap.

Chin Liposuction by Dr Abdul KhaliqChin lipo surgery is synonymous to the common chin surgery, the technique used is liposuction in which a small tube is inserted into the area to the removed where the fats are in excess. The machine melts the fat, and then it sucks out the excess fat with the help of vacuum. The purpose of surgery is to exclusively remove chin fat. Another surgery may be undertaken along with Chin Lipo surgery to get the youthful experience. Out of three methods for removal of excess chin fat, chin liposuction is the best one for patients having age less than 50s.

What Happens During Chin Liposuction in Islamabad?

General anesthesia is used for the surgery; it requires only an hour or less to complete the operation. The incisions made for the surgery are no more than 4 cm. Generally, 2 cm cuts are made from behind the ears to the chin area. The tumescence technique is used efficiently during the operation to lift up the skin tissues. After the incisions are made, a small cannula is inserted into the fat area. After it fits the location, the laser waves of low frequency are applied to melt the excess fat, it liquefies the surplus fat and makes way for vacuum tube to get the fat out of chin and surrounding area in liquid form with ease.

Health Benefits

Chin Liposuction in IslamabadThere are amazing benefits of chin lipo surgery, among them are:

  • It makes your neckline perfect and beautiful
  • Chin fat is gone for good
  • It tightens the skin along with removing excess fat
  • Jawline looks more attractive
  • It helps reduce wrinkles
  • It amplifies self-confidence

Risks Associated with Surgery

There are certain risks and rare infection cases related to the chin lipo surgery, there are rare but still can’t be ruled out of the process.

  • Temporary swelling and bruising that last for a day or two
  • Infections (sporadic)
  • Numb facial skin that disappears with time
  • Pain for a couple of days after surgery

Good Candidate for Surgery

Chin Liposuction in PakistanThere are few requirements for a patient to be certified fit for liposuction surgery to remove excess chin fat. A person with a good medical history and no major facial operations performed in the near past with age anywhere between 20 to 50 is a good candidate for chin liposuction surgery in Pakistan. The skin condition of a person undergoing surgery along with the allergy tolerance level is also checked before the surgery. Skin tone and condition of fat accumulated in the chin area also define the type of operation needed.

What to do After Surgery?

Sleep while your head is elevated after surgery, it helps speed recovery after the operation. Keep your head elevated for at least a week after the surgery is done. After the surgery, surgeons ask the patient to wear pressure dressing to avoid bleeding from stitches. Painkillers are helpful in the first week to minimize pain after the surgery.

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