Chin Augmentation in Islamabad

Chin augmentation in Islamabad or chin surgery is a prominent method to remove or add fats to the facial area to make chin perfect and symmetrical with the body. If you are planning to undergo chin augmentation in Pakistan, our clinic is the best choice already. The chin augmentation is necessary if your chin-nose isn’t in symmetry, the distance between chin and nose is balanced by the surgery.

Chin augmentation in IslamabadThe chin augmentation surgery gives a shining and brilliant look to the face and provided symmetry to the face and neck. Sometimes, chin augmentation is performed along with the cheek augmentation for the successful reshaping of the body. The procedure is also called Mentoplasty or chin implant surgery. The patient is required to take medications and prevent smoking or taking aspirin for at least a week before the surgery. When the surgery is done, the patients feel instant results and a great look and shape afterward. It increases self-confidence and boosts the communication skills in the patient after surgery.

Before the Surgery

The patient needs to attend a session with the specialized surgeon before undergoing surgery; the chin implants are different for various patients. Doctors will discuss the possible outcomes and things needed to be avoided before and after the surgery. Our top-notch surgeons will provide a realistic map of what the patient will look like after undergoing the operation. The whole process is quite safe and quick, the healing process is brisk and reshapes skin and bone structure of the patient.

Good Candidate for Chin Augmentation in Islamabad

A good candidate for chin augmentation surgery is the one having:

  • Appropriate age required for any cosmetic surgery,i.e., between 20-50 years.
  • Clean medical history with no allergies or prone to infections
  • Realistic approach towards the surgery

During the Surgery

Chin augmentation in IslamabadThe surgeon injects general anesthesia into the patient, the operated area is numb, and the patient is not in full of its senses during the operation. Afterwards, incisions are made to the marked area of patients to perform the surgery. Cuts are made inside the lower lip region and chins. Now, the cuts are made inside the mouth,and the surgeon uses sutures for sewing up the incision cuts inside the mouth. After the chin is reshaped, the area is masked with compressed dressing for a few days to avoid any infection and exposure along with bleeding. The surgical process requires an hour at max to complete. There’s no bed rest or detention at the hospital after the operation; patient is discharged the same day after the surgery.

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

The benefits are:

  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Balanced nose and chin
  • Symmetrical jawline and cheeks

Risks Associated with Surgery

The chances of having complications and risks are minimal yet can’t be ruled out of the equation.

  • Infections may occur in rare cases
  • Pain may last for a couple of days after the surgery
  • Bruises or swelling may happen for few days, but it will fade away
  • Implant shifting is a serious con of chin augmentation, but the chances are one in hundred.

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