Breast Lift Surgery in Islamabad

A breast lift surgery in Islamabad is referred to be a breast implant that involved reshaping, resizing, and tightening the breast size and volume. In scientific language, we call it Mastopexy. It is a perfect technique applied by cosmetic surgeons all over the world for tightening and rejuvenating drooping breasts; it reshapes breasts in volume and proportion with the body, the procedure also includes the nipple relocation and areola shifting to the proper area.

Breast Lift Surgery by Dr Abdul Khaliq MalikThe breast lift, as it name says to lift up the breasts that are sagging due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women after giving birth gain weight and breast size increase significantly after few months due to weight gain and breastfeeding. It worsens after multiple childbirths, some women show increased sensitivity and the breast size may become horribly large, age factor also plays its part in huge breast size that is unattractive, and unfit to body size, all your clothes may become obsolete, people start noticing those large breasts and it becomes embarrassing with every passing day. Sometimes, a combined breast surgery is performed along with rejuvenation, uplift, and augmentation.

Perks of Breast List Surgery in Islamabad

There are numerous benefits; it will reshape the overall body appearance, your body will no longer look unsymmetrical and uneven, the body gesture will be balanced. It will boost confidence and overall appearance of the candidate after surgery. The breasts will look perfect, fuller, and fresher. You will feel younger than ever after the breast lift surgery. All the clothes you had put down will fit again; it will feel fantastic.

Procedure of Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery in IslamabadBefore the operation, there are a couple of doctor-patient sessions arranged by the clinic that is free of cost. The surgeon will analyze the patient’s breasts and recommend the proper way of doing the cosmetic surgery. If there’s no need of it, our qualified specialists will offer professional advice. If it’s decided to do it, the patient will be informed about everything needed to be done during and after the surgery. There are medication plans and activities to be avoided before and after the operation. Smoking is one of the restrictions after the surgery is completed.

The average period required for a breast lift is around two hours. During the operation, general anesthesia is used for a couple of hours, if the complications occur, it may take three hours. Firstly, the upper layer of skin is removed, fat is incised from breasts, and then the breasts are tightened by repositioning the breast tissues to appropriate place. The areola size is decreased and the nipples are lifted.

Common Breast Reduction Incisions

Breast Lift Surgery in Pakistan

After-Surgery Complications

Complications may occur after the surgery, there’s no danger at all during or after the surgery. The minor difficulties after cosmetic surgery may involve numbness of breasts, initial swelling, and bruises on skin operated, pain and scars, or bleeding on rare cases from the incised areas.
After all, it is the simplest cosmetic surgery with little or no risks taken. There are no side effects, the pain is short term, the recovery is faster than any operation.

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