Breast Reduction

Breast reduction involves the removal of excess tissues and fats from breasts to make them in symmetry with the body. Large breasts hurt the overall shape and structure of the body; women are more conscious than men owing to the body shape and looks, it is the reason Breast reduction surgery is popular in the US and Europe, now it’s becoming a common practice for women in Pakistan. The cosmetic surgery is performed under the supervision of the qualified surgeon; there’s minimal chance of any error or mishap during the entire process.

Cons of Large Breasts

There are few major drawbacks of having large sagging breasts, no women want them, there are some of the physical disadvantages caused due to large breasts that are:

  • Neck pain
  • Back Pain
  • Deformed body shape and unattractiveness
  • Clothes won’t fit

Surgical Procedure

Before the operation, there are two to three discussion sessions with a surgeon in which all the complications and modalities are discussed. The sessions are free of cost; clinic charges no fee for that. It is meant to provide confidence to the patient about the operation and recovery process. After the patient confirms and accepts all the terms and agreements, a mammogram is taken that examines the overall appearance of breasts.

It takes three days to recover after the surgery fully; general anesthesia is used during the whole cosmetic surgery. The operation can only be done by the qualified surgeon as it requires excessive training and dedication during the process, there’s no margin for error. Incisions are made through the breasts once the areas are marked that are meant to be incised. After that, the nipples are left with their tissues while the surrounding tissues and fats are cut down to decrease breasts size. It is also important to make both breasts symmetrical. Liposuctions is performed to remove the excess fat in few cases where breast reduction surgery is not recommended.

Risks During Breast Reduction

Some risks are associated with the breast reduction surgery:

  • Numbness of nipples and breasts.
  • Scars and bruises over the breast areas.
  • Unequal size of breasts (specialty is required for even breasts size)

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

There are numerous advantages of having a small to medium sized breasts; the overall beautiful look is among them.

  • It boosts self-confidence in women or men with sagging breast fat.
  • You can play any sport with ease and fun.
  • Any clothing may fit you.
  • No one will notice your large breasts from now on.
  • Back pain and neck pain will be gone in days.

Post-Surgery Instructions

After the successful surgery, following instructions and prescriptions are to be followed until the full recovery. The first one is wearing a surgical bra; it may look a small remedy to shape the breasts but has an enormous impact on the success rate of any operation. If not worn according to instructions, it may cause complications. It prevents from opening stitches and shapes the breast size.

Blood flow may continue after the surgery, wearing a surgical bra will not do any good if it’s not for draining tube for blood. The bleeding from breasts may continue for few days after the surgery; it is sapped through the drainage tube. Swelling may occur after the surgery and remain for 3-4 weeks. However, it fades with time as breasts fit the size. Use anti-stretch creams to reduce scars and bruises that may result as post-surgical signs.
After a month, wear light bras that don’t hurt the operated area, though the stitches are removed after a couple of weeks. Mammoplasty is a one-time procedure; it will reduce your breasts significantly reducing sag and breast weight to perfect size.

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