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Our Mission

To act for the benefit of the public, to establish specialty standards and to examine surgeon’s skill, knowledge and aesthetic judgment in the field of hair restoration surgery

We will work tirelessly to provide the most advanced techniques in hair restoration and specifically in follicular unit hair transplantation, along with surgical excellence, quality care and outstanding value. We will evaluate our patient’s hair loss and restoration goals and will work with them to create a personalized long-term plan for hair transplantation. We will use all of our skill and experience to provide each and every patient with the greatest cosmetic benefit of our work. Our goal will be to provide the most natural appearing hair transplant possible.

At Hair and Hair Transplant Centre we feel that a hair transplant should never look like one. Since hair transplantation has long-lasting effects, we plan hair transplantation not only for the present but also for the future. We educate our patients so they can make informed decisions and we guide them to avoid making decisions they might later regret. We wish to perform hair transplantation only for those who will truly benefit from hair restoration. We will perform hair transplants to the highest standards of quality so that our patients will enjoy the results of their procedure for the rest of their days, and will always be happy they decided to have hair transplantation at the Hair and Hair Transplant Centre.

We have a commitment to excellence in all phases of service which extends well beyond the surgery itself. We strive to maintain this practice as a state-of-the-art facility which provides unparalleled care for our patients. This means more than being excellent technicians; we prioritize treating patients in the scope of total health care and making their experience the best possible. To accomplish this we constantly work to improve ourselves through continuing education and make the extra effort required to distinguish us as a specialty hair restoration surgery practice that is measurably better than others. In doing so, we have secured our practice in the international community as a place where people confidently refer to for the highest quality hair transplant surgery available.

Our aim is to provide both men and women suffering hair loss with the very best capillary transplant techniques available, in a highly professional and human environment.

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