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PRP Therapy

Wondering how to rewind back the aging effects and get that youthful look back? Seeking for an effective alternative to surgery for skin rejuvenation and baldness? Don’t worry, you’ve come to an absolutely right place! Now get back your lost hair and beauty without any surgery at Dr. A.K.’s Cosmetic Surgery center.

What is PRP Therapy?

It is actually called Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. A non-surgical method in which human blood is taken in a particular amount depending upon the area to be treated, and concentration of platelets is produced by spinning down the blood in a centrifuge at a high speed. By spinning the platelets-rich plasma is separated from platelets-poor plasma and other blood cells.

Platelets are famous for blood clotting in human body but they are also able to accelerate the natural healing process of the body. Hence the platelets-rich plasma is enriched with various elements that stimulate, enhance and accelerate the natural healing and growth process of the body. PRP has successfully been used for healing sports and other injuries for many years but now it is becoming a popular treatment for hair and skin rejuvenation. Best thing about this technique is that patient’s own blood is used for the treatment and the side effects are nearly nil since it is unlikely for a human body to reject its own blood.

PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

PRP is not only done for facial beauty restoration but it is very useful for hair restoration as well, as told before. Here we’ll only discuss PRP for face. For Hair Transplant and details about PRP for hair, please visit our site

Facial PRP is a good option for you to opt if you are planning to get rid of wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines that have appeared on your face with the growing age or even before age. We are here to provide you with best results via PRP treatment that will restore your facial beauty and youthful look. Simple PRP injections will work out for you and you’ll get your lost beauty in no time.

The overview of the treatment is already given to you above. Our expert doctors will simply examine your face and will do PRP treatment on your face as required. Usually a small amount of blood needs to be withdrawn from your body to create PRP, which is then injected into the areas to be treated using injections. The creation of PRP is an initial step, further treatment doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes depending upon the area to be treated.

Are there Risks with PRP?

PRP is overall quite a safe option with no risk of adverse allergies since it’s your own blood. The body is tend to mend itself in the natural way without the use of any chemicals or external substances. All the ingredients that are used in the procedure are from your own body!

However, the risks due to the usage of needle may include infection, bleeding, bruising or nerve damage at the points of injection but it is few and far between.

What to Expect Post PRP Treatment?

Some patients may encounter slight swelling, bruising or redness on face after the treatment but these are temporary side effects and are actually a part of the activation of your platelets. So you need not to worry about these effects, they’ll fade away within a couple of days or so, depending upon the nature of your skin and treatment.

Benefits of Facial PRP Treatment

Benefits that you can enjoy undergoing facial PRP treatment include:

  • Clear and glowing skin
  • Vigorous and sparkling skin
  • Uniform skin tone
  • Uniform skin texture
  • Reduced dark circles
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Reduced fine lines
  • Tighten open pores
  • Natural beauty
  • Youthful appearance
  • Reduced facial aging effects
  • No side effects or complications
  • Non-surgical treatment

Results of PRP Treatment

This is a safe and reliable treatment with comparatively long lasting and completely natural results. For best results it is recommended to undergo this treatment more than once with a gap of 1-2 months between different PRP sessions. You can consult our expert doctors to seek advice about how many sessions you need for your treatment.

Either you want to restore your facial beauty or want your beautiful hair back. Dr. A.K. is here to help you out with his expert team in Islamabad that is capable of giving you best PRP treatment for both hair and face.

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